In 1977, we moved the Larne War Memorial

In 1977, we moved a Portland stone Cenotaph dedicated to those who fell during World War I from its site at the junction of Main Street and Circular Road (outside the Laharna Hotel) to its present location in the grounds of St. Cedma's Parish Church.

This 5m high obelisk weighing several tons had to be painstakingly dismantled into manageable segments with great care so that it could be seamlessly reassembled at its new location.

A photographer from Larne Borough Council was on-hand to capture the work which required a coordinated effort by our entire workforce and the services of a local crane operator.

The Portland stone and bronze plaques were carefully put back into their original positions, a feat only made possible by the combined experience of the skilled craftsmen of Coleraine Memorials, in order to ensure the memorial was not only identical to its original form, but also to guarantee that it was structurally sound in the years to come.

Here can be seen the late Steve McCooke, father of the current owner of Coleraine Memorials, beginning work on reassembly of the monument.